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What Is Hypnotherapy?
Can Hypnotherapy Help Me?

Life is not a habit.

Hypnosis is not sleep but a trance like state you are fully aware of what is going on around you and are able to respond to requests either verbally or by some other signal.

A trance state is achieved by deep relaxation of both the mind and the body using guided concentration. When this is achieved the boundary between the conscious and the unconscious minds begins to blur and then the unconscious becomes open to receiving new messages. This enables you to look at deep rooted issues such as phobias, fears and habits - and let them go.

You may also desire regression to clear old, unwanted barriers and memories.
Ideal for stop smoking.

Hypnotherapy - £60 per hourly session

[Stop Smoking - 3 session - £180]

Producing More Confident People

Eliminate the things that harm your mind and body, such as Smoking, Stress, etc., with hypnotherapy and counselling. Call Hypnotherapy, Bognor Regis, at Mirage [01243 820330] when you decide to take your life back from cigarettes, stress, and other disadvantages.

Stress & Anxiety may be caused by many factors, including emotional deficiency, work, relationships, childhood traumas, etc. I work with you to determine your stress and how it affects your life. Are you losing sleep? Is your heart rate elevated? Is your memory not like it used to be? Are you short tempered, gaining weight or low on energy? These are some of the stress-related problems I can help you solve as both your Clinical Hypnotherapist and Humanistic Counsellor, enabling you feel more confident as a person.

Stop Smoking Now! It doesn't matter if you've been smoking for 1 year or 50 years, I can help you stop smoking. After an interview process with you that covers things like what is hypnosis and how it works, how much you smoke, why you smoke, and why you want to stop smoking, the smoking program has 2 smoking cessation hypnotherapy sessions designed to ensure you've stopped smoking permanently. Some people are amazed because they do so with neither stress nor resorting to another vice such as over eating etc.

Fears & Phobias are often created when you are a child. The instance may be minor, but when it happens again and again it becomes more intense and creates a phobia. A phobia is something that can cause rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms, and the feeling of not being able to move your limbs. When removing a phobia, I may designs a program of 3 hypnotherapy sessions.

Depression may be brought on by many things, including the death of a loved one, job loss, life changes, and regret. The symptoms of depression include poor eating and sleeping habits and mistreatment or abuse of others or self. Many clients have found using either Humanistic Counselling and or hypnotherapy may decrease or eliminate the need for medication.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms appear immediately, maybe months later, and can be disabling to those affected.

If you're experiencing any of the following, feel free to contact me for Hypnotherapy in Bognor Regis.

• Alcohol Abuse
• Amnesia
• Anger & Aggression
• Avoidance & Denial
• Flashbacks
• Confusion
• Guilt or Self-Blame
• Poor Health & Eating Habits
• Fatigue
• Relationship Problems
• Sadness
• Sleep Difficulties

Pain Management. Backaches, IBS, migraines, and arthritis are just some of the many pains which may be relieved through hypnotherapy. If you associate pain with something pleasant, it's more likely to be less severe than if associated with a negative factor or outcome.

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